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Accounts Receivable (Sales) Module Site Search

Quickly find product and information on a website.

  • Site Search is a powerful tool to help customers quickly find products and information on your website.

    This full site search engine indexes all content including images, text, blog posts, and products. The engine quickly returns a mixture of intelligent results including product, images, and content. Advanced search filters can be set to just search products, folder of products, images, or blog posts.

    This search option is normally located on the ecommerce website navigation bar and at www.website.com/standard/search.

    Example Search Page Screenshot:
    Smart Search

    eCommerce Credit Card Processing is an enhancement of the EBMS eCommerce Module

    • Full site search indexes all images, text content, blog posts, image names, alt titles, product descriptions, page titles, and header tags.
    • Advanced search options to filter results by product category, images, or blog posts.
    • Automatic re-indexing of EBMS inventory items
    • Web administration forced re-indexing management
    • Search results will list product, images, and content with product being weighted.
    • Algorithm is adjustable with the ability to rank product content by date or by relevance
    • Auto complete based on current database content
    • Truncated words will still be successfully searched
    • Not plural sensitive
    • Can be easily customized

    Choose from five different packages to fit the needs of your business. Learn More >>

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