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"Manage tasks, contracts, billing, labor, and back office accounting needs of your service company..."
Tasks and Work Orders Payroll Module

Tracking a Work OrderA work order system is useful in organizing projects, assigning technicians, and recording service history. The work order status can be tracked from the time it is first created to the time it is completed, billed, and closed. The work order option is used to schedule technicians, manage and schedule labor, and maintain a service history for individual contracts or customers.
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Service Contracts Expenses Module

Managing Service Contracts Manage the billing, expenses, labor, and other costs associated with a contract. Schedule tasks for future contract obligations or reoccurring services. Expense supplies and other items from inventory into a contact. Review contract profit by comparing billings with cost such as labor, supplies, and overhead costs. Organize and mange all the contract details within individual job records.
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Reoccurring Billing Sales Module

Reoccurring Billing Process reoccurring billing for services or contracts. Monthly, quarterly, or annual billing can be deducted from store credit cards or sent to the customer via email or US mail. The integrated accounts receivable system completes the billing process for a services company.
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Service Codes Inventory Module

Service Codes The inventory system within the EBMS software is an excellent tool to automate pricing and work order creation from inventory service codes. The order entry system gives the user many tools to invoice, organize, and record service codes. The unit of measure option within the inventory system gives the user the ability to bill for time based on an hour, minutes, or other time UOM using the same service code.
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Labor Management

Payroll Work Codes The flexible payroll system includes the ability to billable time verses the actual time spent on individual work codes or projects.   Piecework, hourly, salary, and commission pay are all supported in the EBMS payroll system as well as tips and bonus pay.  The labor system within EBMS is a powerful tool to manage and measure labor within individual projects or tasks even if payroll is being processed by a 3rd party payroll service.
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Proposals & Quotes

Prevailing WageCreate a quote or estimate for a large complex project or a small change order. Quotes can be copied from a building package template or from a similar previous project. Quote and proposal calculations can be based on formulas or individual stage or work code groups. Quotes can also be based on the current cost of a detailed materials list. A quote can be used to create a sales order or applied to a job for progress billing purposes. wage summaries.
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Batch Invoice Processing

Batch Invoice ProcessingEBMS includes a convenient tool to process a batch of invoices within a user specified query or group. The batch, combined with the CRM tools, give the user the ability to process and manage a sizable number of service billings.
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My Time App

MytimeTrack time for a task or project from your phone, tablet, or other portable device.  This handy My Time App can be used on the field by the service technician or employee to record time and service details. 
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eBusiness Solutions Sales Module

eBusiness SolutionsThe eCommerce shopping cart is an innovative solution integrated directly into the EBMS data server. The product lists, details, photos, and pricing are created and managed from within the software. This eliminates redundancy by maintaining only one product and price list and makes buying your product convenient.
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Integrated Accounting ToolsAccounting Module

Integrated AccountingThe integrated financial tools are the core to this powerful management system. Features include a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, a payroll system, financial reporting, extensive drill down and audit trail details, and more!
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