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"The EBMS software is used to quote, analyze, and bill construction projects such as general contracting projects, time and material, sub contracting, and specialty construction projects."

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Quoting and Estimating Sales Module

Quoting and Estimating Create a quote or estimate for a large complex project or a small change order. Quotes can be copied from a building package template or from a similar previous project. Quote and proposal calculations can be based on formulas or individual stage or work code groups. Quotes can also be based on the current cost of a detailed materials list. A quote can be used to create a sales order or applied to a job for progress billing purposes.
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Job Costing Expenses Module

Job costing Compare job budgets for multiple stages to the actual expenses posted from an expense invoice, inventory transfer, or payroll. Manage contract, progress billing, or T&M projects using the EBMS software. Generate AIA billings, change orders, work in progress calculations, and retainage values for each job. Choose from many of the profit reports available to evaluate a job or stages within a job.
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Job Billing Expenses Module

Job Billing Jobs can be billed to the customer based on a contract, AIA or other progress billing, or time & material billings. Down payment or partial payment can be applied to a project or job. Change orders and retainage percentages are reported and managed using the job costing module.
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Progress Billing Expenses Module

Progress Billing including AIA Billing Forms Progress billings re used to invoice the customer in stages rather than a single invoice. Customer retainage, materials stored, and other progress billing features are available within the Job Costing module of EBMS.
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Labor Management Payroll Module

Labor Management The payroll system within EBMS can be used to track labor for each job, determine overhead labor, and set pay rates based on job or location. The payroll system can calculate multiple state payroll taxes based on job location within the same time card.
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Prevailing Wage Calculation Payroll Module

Prevailing Wage Calculation The prevailing wages module of EBMS is used to manage prevailing wage calculation and generate certified payroll reports. The prevailing wage module is an important option for companies that are managing jobs that require certified payroll.
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Integrated Accounting ToolsAccounting Module

Integrated AccountingThe integrated financial tools are the core to this powerful management system. Features include a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, a payroll system, financial reporting, extensive drill down and audit trail details, and more!
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