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"The EBMS Software is a great fit for plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and other mechanical contractors. The software includes the tools to manage parts inventory, labor management, and accounting needs of a service and sales company..."
"To sum it up one software program that does it all! We use [EBMS] on a daily basis and truly would recommend it to others..." - Cocalico Plumbing and Heating
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Installation and Service Other Module

Installation and Service Work Order System Tracking service and vehicle information, as well as labor and billing information for individual jobs and customers, creates a powerful work order system. Labor can be managed by using billable time.
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Tracking a Work Order Other Module

Tracking a Work OrderA work order system is useful in organizing projects, assigning technicians, and recording history about the work order. The work order status can be tracked from the time it is first created to the time it is completed, billed, and closed. The work order option is used to schedule technicians, manage and schedule labor, and maintain a service history for individual pieces of equipment. 
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Inventory Management Inventory Module

Inventory Management The software includes the tools to organize many parts, fixtures, and mechanical equipment into an easy-to-use catalog. Maintaining pricing, stock levels, and purchase history for a large number of SKU numbers is simplified using the EBMS software. Automate inventory management by adding bar code technology.
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Serialized Items Inventory Module

Serialized Items Manage the purchase and sales of serialized items such as pumps, appliances, HVAC units, and other equipment. Equipment details can be recorded for each unit for warranty or service purposes. Service history can be managed by attaching work orders to specific serialized units.
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Track Labor on the GoOther Module

MytimeTrack time for a task or project from your phone, tablet, or other portable device.  This handy My Time App can be used on the field by the service technician or employee to record time and service details. 
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Quotes & Proposals Sales Module

Quotes & Proposals Use the multiple level quote and proposal window to quote simple repair projects, upgrades, or new constructions projects. EBMS manages the estimating, quoting, sales contracts, and billing processes of a project. Copy a quote or materials list from a prior project or from a project quote template to simplify the quoting process.
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Special Order and Purchasing ToolsInventory Module

Purchasing & Special Order ToolsEBMS contains many purchasing and special order tools to manage the purchasing, pricing, and sales history of specialty parts or equipment. Managing stock levels of parts in service trucks and the warehouse as well as tracking special order parts are available within the EBMS software.
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Job Costing Expenses Module

Purchasing & Special Order ToolsManage job costs, budgets, and progress billing of new construction projects using the job costing module. Simplify contract billing, AIA billing, time & material billing, and retainage adjustments using EBMS. Monitor a job from estimate to final billing including down payments and change orders.
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Vendor Catalog Inventory Module

Vendor CatalogCombine the power of EBMS with access to your entire supplier's product catalog details, part numbers, and costs without cluttering your inventory catalog with unnecessary SKU numbers. Manage the pricing of fittings, equipment, and a host of miscellaneous parts using the formula driven pricing options.
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Service Truck Inventory

Multiple Inventory Locations This inventory enhancement allows inventory items to be purchased, stored, and sold from multiple locations. Inventory counts can be tracked and maintained within multiple service trucks and the main warehouse. Sales and inventory counts can be maintained for each location and truck.
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Point-of-Sale Other Module

Point of SaleThe Point-of-Sale system within EBMS allows the user to enter a sales order quickly with flexible pricing, proper terms, and descriptions. Special pricing, promotions, and product details can be preset to maximize the efficiency of the order.
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eBusiness Solutions Sales Module

eBusiness SolutionsThe eCommerce shopping cart is an innovative solution integrated directly into the EBMS data server. The product lists, details, photos, and pricing are created and managed from within the software. This eliminates redundancy by maintaining only one product and price list and makes buying your product convenient.
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Integrated Accounting ToolsAccounting Module

Integrated AccountingThe integrated financial tools are the core to this powerful management system. Features include a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, a payroll system, financial reporting, extensive drill down and audit trail details, and more!
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