EBMS Software > Automotive Aftermarket Comprehensive Inventory Management

  • Eagle Business Software allows users to conveniently review Keystone Stock and pricing. Users are given access to the stock levels within Keystone's warehouses. The stock count of a part can be accessed in a few different locations. Prices, costs, and stock levels can be viewed within the Keystone Parts Selector and/or the POS window.
    • Year, Make, Model parts look up.
    • Complete Inventory Management
    • View Keystone stock within each warehouse
    • View prices, costs, and stock levels within the parts selector dialogue and/or Point-of-Sale window
    • Access inventory purchase and sales history
    • Download and view Keystone parts graphics and images
    • Manage inventory using purchaseing tools and stock management utilities
    • Module also includes assembly options, core management, and serialized items