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Accountants Journal
  • Eagle Business Software offers a copy of the EBMS software for the accountant to review EBMS data from their clients. This software is offered to the accountant at no cost although a purchase of the Accountants Annual Subscription Plan will need to be purchased in order to recieve updates and support.

    The accountant's version of the software can read data supplied from multiple clients using different versions or configurations of the software. Note that the accountants version of the software must be as new as any of their clients' software version. The accountant version of the EBMS software will adapt based on the version of the client's data sent.

    EBMS allows the user export his data to send it to an accountant or consultant. The export process creates a zipped file that is secured with a password.

    The EBMS software includes the ability for both the user and the accountant to create general ledger journals in their respective locations. The accountant can create general ledger journals within his office and then communicate them back to the main EBMS data set. Note that no other transactions, invoices, payments, or journals can be exported from the accountant's copy back to the main data. The benefit of importing data from the accountant is that it allows the accountant to create journals, post transactions, and run reports to review data before the journals are communicated back to the main company.

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  • Accountants Annual Subscription Plan
    This is a pay-one-price plan that allows for a two-way interaction between the EBMS user and Eagle Solutions. Contact our sales team for pricing.

      • Free phone and e-mail support for miscellaneous questions
      • Free Upgrades whenever a customer is upgraded
      • Software upgrades from our website
      • Additional modules and companies are sold and installed at lower rates
      • New Reports as they are developed and become available
      • Prepaid Customer Support Package Discounts
      • Priority Response:
        • A response to your faxes and e-mail messages within two business days
        • Return phone calls within one business day
      • Free Question/Answer Forums by subject area such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Job Costing, and Payroll. Call Eagle Business Software for a complete schedule of upcoming forum