Virtual Terminal

EBMS contains a tool that allows a user to use an online software solution to collect credit card information rather than a piece or hardware such as the Verifone Payment Device. The benefits of this tool is that it does not require additional hardware but the virtual terminal does not process debit cards or capture a signature. The configuration requires the user to setup a HPP merchant account and configure EBMS to link to the online payment process.  

Configuring the HPP account

The virtual terminal requires a Verifone Hosted Payment Page (HPP) gateway account similar to an EBMS ecommerce account. Contact your EBMS representative to set up a HPP account.  The following steps are for US based merchant accounts only.  Review Velox Integration for information on Canadian options.

EBMS allows a different virtual terminal processor for each payment processing Client ID

Configuring the Virtual Terminal

Continue with the following steps after the obtaining a MSP account and an HPP gateware account:

  1. Open the Payment tab by selecting Sales > Options from the main EBMS menu as shown below:
  2. Select Verifone Point as the Payment Processing Type.

  3. Select a Payment Card Processing Software option and click Properties:

  4. Enable Virtual Terminal.

  5. Click View Device Key & Virtual Terminal Credentials button. 
  6. Enter the CRE HPP ID and CRE HPP Token supplied by Verifone and click OK.

  7. Highlight a credit card Payment Type and click Properties to view multiple options for the same credit card payment type.
  8. Set the Cash Account and Payment Gateway settings for the Type-In location.  The Type-in location will appear if the Virtual Terminal option is enabled.  Other locations such as the optional warehouses or Website may also appear.

Using the EBMS Virtual Terminal

The EBMS virtual terminal can be used within the EBMS software where payments are processed. Review the following steps to process credit card payments using the virtual terminal in the sales invoice dialog.

  1. Open the EBMS invoice screen as shown below:

  2. Click on the Type-In Credit Card button located with the other Payment buttons to open the payment dialog.
    Note that the virtual terminal must be configurated for this option to appear.

  3. Click on the appropriate payment button such as Pay & Process to open the Secure Credit Card Virtual Terminal as shown below:

  4. Complete the following credit card transaction details on this secure payment dialog:

    1. Verify the Amount of the payment

    2. Enter the Card Holder Name as it shows on the card

    3. Verify the Credit Card Type

    4. Enter the Credit Card Number as it shows on the card

    5. Set the card's Expiration Date

    6. Enter the CVC Number. Note that the CVC and other processing rules are set within your HPP account.

    7. Entering the credit card Billing street Address.  Note that this address will be defaulted by the billing address but can be changed to match the credit card's billing address.

    8. Entering the 2nd address line including the Suite or Apartment number.

    9. Enter the billing address Country

    10. Enter the State or Province.

    11. Enter the billing address Postal Code.

    12. Click Submit to save these settings

The virtual terminal can be used to process customer payments in the AR payments, invoice, down payment, and other customer payment dialogs. Review the Customer Payments > Payment Options section for more details on payment options.