Upload Data for Reporting and Filing

The sales data must be uploaded to TaxJar to calculate the sales tax filing reports.    This step is needed to display the taxable gross amounts and the tax amounts for individual juri strict ions.

EBMS uploads this data to TaxJar using a CSV file.   TaxJar does connect directly to various e-commerce shopping carts such as Bigcommerce, Amazon, Woo commerce, Shopify, PayPal, and others.

Complete the following steps to upload sales tax information in a monthly basis.

  1. Open the www.TaxJar.com website and log into the TaxJar account.   Review Overview for more TaxJar details.   

  2. Select Sales > Create TaxJar CSV File from the main EBMS menu

  3. Click Yes to export the TaxJar tax transactions to a CSV file.  Note the file name and location in the resulting dialog:

  4. Click on the website Transactions page of the TaxJar account web page as shown below:

  5. Click on the Actions menu and select the Add new data source option to open the following page:

  6. Select the Choose File button and locate the file and path displayed on the EBMS dialog in step #3:

  7. Click on the Upload spreadsheet button to pull data from CSV spreadsheet file into the TaxJar website as shown below:

  8. Click on the Dashboard or Transactions page on the website to see results of the imported Transactions after each file import status shows completed.  The website processing may take 30 minutes to an hour to import the transactions and summarize your tax reports.     

TaxJar Reports

Click on the Dashboard page to view the tax liability summaries.  Select the date range on the top right side of the page.

Click on the Sales Tax Report link to review the tax report for individual states.  Sales Tax Report that has all of the data required file each state's return. Because each state’s return form is different, the TaxJar Report for each state may vary, but there are a few details found in each Sales Tax Report:

The Actual Report shows your gross sales, sales by jurisdiction, and the actual sales tax that you collected during this time period.

The Expected Report shows your gross sales, sales by jurisdiction and TaxJar’s estimate of the sales tax that you should have collected during this time period.

Review https://support.taxjar.com/article/30-expected-sales-tax-due-faq for some common reasons why the Actual and Estimated reports might not match.

The following jurisdiction breakdown will show if a state requires sales to be reported by city, state, or county.   

Click View transactions to view a list of the transactions included in this Report.

Click View Gross Sales from All States to see the Gross Sales total in all states