Troubleshooting Credit Card Processing

PAYware accepts transaction data, including both sensitive and non-sensitive card data from manually entered information from the POS Software. It passes only the payment transaction amount and type, shielding the POS applications from transmitting or storing sensitive data and dramatically lessons the burden of PA-DSS certification.

A credit card transaction that is scanned by a payment device such as a Verifone MX Payment device is communicated directly into PAYware without interfacing with EBMS. Credit card information entered into EBMS is immediately communicated to PAYware client. The credit card transaction is then communicated to the PAYware PC server or via internet to PAYware Connect which contains the instructions to communicate to the credit card merchant account or Processor. The Processor approves the credit card transaction based on the information communicated to the processor from PAYware. Any card rejection such as insufficient funds, invalid credit card information, or any other hold on the card is determined by the credit card processor.    

Review the following steps to troubleshoot credit card transactions:

  1. Try another card from the customer to see if a hold was placed on the original card or the processor is rejecting the transaction because of account issues. The credit card account may create a hold on the account causing the Processor to reject the transaction. Insufficient information or insufficient funds may also cause the processor to reject a transaction.    

  2. Try a card from another bank or processor to verify that the processor is not experiencing processing issues.

  3. Verify that your internet connection is working properly. The communication between EBMS and the processor is done through a secure internet connection.   

    1. Access the same internet connection through your browser or connection tool to verify that your internet connection is operating properly.

    2. Check any firewall settings to insure that the necessary port is not being blocked by your firewall software.

    3. Note that some anti-virus or security software updates can block communication to PAYware Connect to the credit card processor.

  4. Contact your EBMS support Rep for assistance if you are unable to resolve the credit card processing transaction error with the steps listed above.