New Quotes

Launch MyProposals by selecting MyProposals from the MyEBMS menu.

Quotes can be created on a smart phone, tablet, or PC by touching on the top of the MyProposals home page.

Tap or click on the menu icon to collapse the menu to maximize screen space.  

  1. Enter general quote information by tapping the Sales quote iconas shown below:

    Review the Proposals > Creating a Proposal for details on the main proposal content and settings.
    Review the following information for process details for the buttons on the bottom of the page.   
  2. Tap the Description icon to edit order Description, Memo, Internal notes, Next Contact, proposal valid period, or Auto Send settings.  

  3. Tap shipping icon to edit shipping settings within a proposal.  These settings are copied to the sales order when an order is created from a proposal. Review Shipments for more details on these settings within an order. .

  4. Tap approval icon to view the approval information.  Review Proposal > Process Proposal > Status Settings for payment details on the approval date, person, and reasons.   

Tap to pin an order or to unpin from the option menu .