Multiple Locations

The sales tax rate for product sold at a store or warehouse verses product shipped to the customer, is calculated based on the point of possession address. The address location determines the proper rate based on the tax jurisdiction.   

The EBMS software includes the ability to properly calculate sales tax properly for companies with multiple sales locations. The sales locations can be determined by multiple divisions, departments, or inventory warehouse locations. The point of possession may be the customer’s address (Ship To) if the product is shipped to the customer. Review the Freight and Shipping Charges > Creating Shipping Methods section for more info on how to create shipping methods that base the sales tax on the customer’s Ship To location.

The sales tax rate is based on the following sales address locations based on the Settings tab within Financials > Options as shown below:

The sales tax location address is based on the following Company Sales Profiles:

Review Origin vs Destination Sales Tax for details on how multiple locations may effect sales tax calculations.

Review the Sales Tax Overview section for more details on how sales tax is calculated.