Continuing Rental Segment

This feature allows a company to rent a large piece of equipment over a period of time with multiple segments.  The rental period includes periods of time when the rent is paused since the rental unit is not being used.  The rental company chooses to leave the rental unit at the customer's site during this paused rental segment.  The unit is not available between the segments since the rental unit is not returned.  This feature also allows the user to charge different rental rates for the different segments.   The rental rate for the idol period may be at a lower rate or no cost at all.

Complete the following steps to add multiple segments to a rental contract:

  1. Open a rental contract:

  2. Right click on an existing rental line and select Add Continuing Rental Segment from the context menu.

  3. Enter the end Date or the Duration of the 2nd segment.   The start date is the end of the previous segment.

  4. Repeat for additional segments as shown below.  

  5. Right click on any segments and select View Rate Table to change rates for any segment.  

  6. For example, if the rental Price for the 2 day segment is free then blank the Day rate as shown above.   

  7. Repeat for any additional segments.  The rate can be adjusted for individual segments by adjusting rates within the line specific Rate Table.  

  8. Process the rental contract into a sales invoice during the billing step.   Rates can be adjusted on the billing invoice.  Review Billing a Rental for more invoicing details.