Configuring the Scanner in EBMS

There are various EBMS settings and configurations required to use the MyInventory scanner effectively.   This section reviews these configuration details and makes recommended settings.  

The MyEBMS - MyInventory software should already be installed onto the scanner, communication be established with EBMS, and users be properly licensed and selected.  Review [Main] Features > MyEBMS Apps for MyInventory scanner setup instructions.

EBMS Scanner Configuration

This section explains how to set defaults for the EBMS Scanner Software for stock management, sales,  Inventory, Warehousing, Report, and Jobs functions.

  1. Select File > Scanner > Scanner State and Options from the main EBMS menu to open the following dialog:
  2. Select the scanner to configure and click on Properties.

  3. The General tab is used only with the legacy mobile scanner and has no effect on the MyInventory Scanner.  These settings can be ignored.

  4. Select the Reports tab to configure label report options as shown below:

    1. Enable the printing from this device option only if printing such as forms or labels are generated by this scanner.  Note that a scanner or phone can print documents to a network printer.  

    2. Select the System Folders > Mobile Scanner as the Report Folder setting.  

    3. Select Add or Edit to select a printing mode and form.  

    4. Select one of the label forms in Reports > Inventory > Labels > Specialty Printer labels from File > Reports as listed below:

      • Inventory Labels:  Select an inventory label from Reports > Products > Labels.

      • Job Transfer:  Select a form from Reports > Job Costing > Purchases/Transfer

      • MyOrders-Print:  Select a order or invoice form from Reports > Sales > Forms > Plain Paper and Preprinted folder. 

      • MyOrders-Process/Print:  Select a order or invoice form from Reports > Sales > Forms > Plain Paper and Preprinted folder. 

      • Receiving:  Select a purchase order or shipping form from the Reports > Expenses > Forms > Plain Paper.  

      • Receiving Labels:  Select one of the Inventory Labels from Invoice within Reports > Expense > Labels.

      • Shipping-Print:  Select a order or invoice form from Reports > Sales > Forms > Plain Paper and Preprinted folder. 

      • Shipping-Process/Print:  Select a order or invoice form from Reports > Sales > Forms > Plain Paper and Preprinted folder.

      • Warehouse Transfer:  Select a Warehouse Transfer Ticket form from Reports > Inventory > Warehouse folder.

    5. Select the target printer.

    6. Click OK to select the proper report form associated with the selected Printing Mode.  

    7. Select the desired report.   Set the default settings from the report's system menu to direct the report to the proper printer, prompts, and other defaults.

  5. Click OK to save.  Repeat for other scanner records.

Review Scanner Hardware for a list of compatible scanners and the hardware configuration instructions.

Configure the Default Report Settings

All printer configuration and default prompts are set within EBMS.  Complete the following steps to identify and configure the printer for each form

set in the previous scanner configuration:

  1. Open the reports menu by selecting File > Reports from the main EBMS menu as shown below:

  2. Open the Reports > System Folders > Mobile Scanner as shown above.  

  3. Highlight the form that was configured within the MyInventory Scanner device setting as described in the previous section and click Print to open the report prompt dialog.

  4. Configure the printer and prompts similar to a printing process and click Set Query.

  5. Enable the default options including the Printer Specific Settings option.

  6. Change the option to For all users if the form should always be printed to the same printer with the same defaults no matter who logs into the scanning device.  

  7. Select For all computers option so that the scanner device is always sent to the default printer with the default settings.

  8. Click OK to save.  Repeat these steps for all additional forms associated with scanners.

Scanner Security

A user can be restricted from making various changes using a barcode scanner.   Review the following step to restrict the user:

  1. Product Items cannot be added to a sales or expense invoice:

  2. Orders cannot be processed:

  3. The ordered quantity can be changed on a sales or expense invoice:

  4. Inventory Counts cannot be adjusted.

  5. New warehouse transfers can be created.