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EBMS for the Shed Manufacturing Industry

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"EBMS flexes to fit the way you work and brings order entry, inventory management, and delivery scheduling into one streamlined system..."
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Order Entry & Point-of-Sale

Made to Order Manufacturing The sales person selects the desired options on the sales screen. The selected materials and labor generate the sales price and are reserved in a manufacturing batch readied for scheduling.
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Made-to-Order ManufacturingInventory Module

Manufacturing This module streamlines the process of assembling raw materials, sub-assemblies, and labor into a completed whole good that accurately and efficiently tracks labor and inventory costs.
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Inventory Management

Serialized ItemsEBMS includes a complete inventory management system for both the manufactured items and raw materials or accessories. Tracking building orders in manufacturing or the buildings located on multiple lots are possible using the EBMS inventory tools.
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Serialized Items Sales Module

Serialized Items Serialized item management is a unique identification for each unit. EBMS provides the tools to track the serial number of completed units or of sub-assemblies used in production.
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Job Costing Other Module

Job Costing Monitor costs of complex jobs, track material, labor and sub-contract expenses per job stage, and create profit & loss reports per job.
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Multiple Locations Inventory Module

Multiple Locations Manage the inventory on multiple sales lots, transfer units from location to location, and view available units on other lots in real time.
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Salesperson Commissions Sales Module

Salesperson Commissions Manage sales and calculate commissions for each salesperson. Commissions can be calculated on gross sales or the gross profit of the sales and may vary based on the revenue group.
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Task Management Other Module

Task Management Schedule production, delivery, service calls, and keep track of activities for each individual structure or shed. Track sales leads by using the task module as a contact manager.
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eBusiness Solutions Sales Module

eBusiness SolutionsThe eCommerce shopping cart is an innovative solution integrated directly into the EBMS data server. The product lists, details, photos, and pricing are created and managed from within the software. This eliminates redundancy by maintaining only one product and price list and makes buying your product convenient.
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Integrated Accounting ToolsAccounting Module

Integrated AccountingThe integrated financial tools are the core to this powerful management system. Features include a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, a payroll system, financial reporting, extensive drill down and audit trail details, and more!
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