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EBMS for the Orchard and Produce Grower

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"Picker ticket, yield tracking, piecework payroll, and traceability are all part of the powerful management tools for the orchard manager and produce grower..."
"The integration is really good. Orchard management, payroll, sales and website, unified inventory including random weight items..." - Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market
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Horticulture Module Other Module

Horticulture Module The Horticulture Module gives the orchard manager or produce grower the ability to map orchards along with trees and acreage. The system will map the fruit of produce varieties within a block or field. The Horticulture Module, coupled with the piecework payroll module, tracks the total and average yields.
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Point-of-Sale Sales Module

Point-of-Sale XPress POS is an efficient and streamlined cash-register replacement. This system is optimized for touch-screen monitors to increase speed and efficiency at checkout lanes. EBMS includes a powerful synchronization option that allows sales to be made anywhere. Information is automatically updated with the data server whenever an internet connection is discovered.
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Piecework Payroll Payroll Module

Piecework Payroll This comprehensive piecework payroll system allows you to pay an employee regular hours, piecework hours, and commissions on the same period. It also includes legal requirements such as daily hours, employee reporting, and tax information.
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In Field Harvest ManagerOther Module

In Field Harvest Maanger Tablet Track Employee time and product yields on a Windows tablet. Use this device to print a bar code label for traceability and piecework receipts. The information can be directly uploaded into the EBMS payroll at the end of the day.
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Extensive Employee Reporting Other Module

Extensive Employee Reporting This software includes standard payroll reports as well as easy to use new hire reports, piecework summaries, and W2 details. EBMS will verify minimum wage payments with makeup pay for piecework employees.
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Order Entry Sales Module

Order Entry This software includes a complete customer history, tracks product sales, processes accounts receivables, and generates customer payments. The system can be linked to an online eCommerce system.
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Production Tracking Other Module

Production Tracking EBMS tracks the yield history per block or per acre based on a fruit type or variety. Yield summary reports that list management information, such as yield per acre, are important in deciding which fields are profitable. Annual comparisons can be made to see orchard trends.
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Flexible Reports Other Module

Flexible Reports All of the reports within EBMS are generated using a power Crystal Report generator. The system is capable of interfacing with other software, packing devices, and bar code scanners.      
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eBusiness Solutions Sales Module

eBusiness SolutionsThe eCommerce shopping cart is an innovative solution integrated directly into the EBMS data server. The product lists, details, photos, and pricing are created and managed from within the software. This eliminates redundancy by maintaining only one product and price list and makes buying your product convenient.
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Integrated Accounting ToolsAccounting Module

Integrated AccountingThe integrated financial tools are the core to this powerful management system. Features include a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, a payroll system, financial reporting, extensive drill down and audit trail details, and more!
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