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"EBMS contains many powerful management tools for the fuel delivery industry..."
"Eagle Business Software is the easiest business management program I have ever learned. It is intuitive and powerful..." - Martindale Propane
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Order Entry Sales Module

Order Entry Combine the power of EBMS's order entry and the inventory system with the tools within the Fuel Delivery module to create a powerful tool for companies that sell and deliver propane, heating oil, and other fuels to homes and businesses.
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Managing a Variety of Fuels Inventory Module

Managing a Variety of Fuels A variety of fuels can be sold and managed using the inventory system within EBMS. The fuel pricing, special contracts, and fuel contracts can be managed within the order entry system of the software.
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Processing Heating Degree Days Sales Module

Processing Heating Degree Days The fuel delivery tools add the ability to manage automatic fuel delivery services. Fuel delivery is prompted by calculating fuel usage based on heating degree days, tank size, and usage. The fuel tank information for one or more tanks is stored in a convenient tab for each customer.

Inventory ManagementInventory Module

Inventory Management This solution includes tools to manage fuel and service parts inventory using the FIFO inventory methods. Serialized Items,Special Orders, Assemblies, Kits, Multiple Units of Measure, and other advanced inventory features are available.
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Reoccuring Bills Sales Module

Processing Reoccuring Billing The credit card processing options within EBMS allow the user to store customer credit cards in a PCI compliant manner for regular billing of fuel or to debit a monthly fuel budget. Card present transactions, debit carts, EBT cards, and gift cards are also available.
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Customer Budgets Sales Module

Tracking Customer Budgets The option includes the ability to manage fuel budgets for customers. This option allows the user to bill the customer on a monthly basis for a budgeted amount agreed by the consumer. The system includes the tools to create, manage, and adjust these budgets. The reocurring billing process within the system simplifies monthly budget billing

Tasks & Work Orders Payroll Module

Tasks & Work Orders The task and work order module is an excellent tool to organize service work, tank installs, and other installations. The task system will track time for billable service work or track labor covered by a service contract. Scheduling, managing labor, and service billing is all handled with this module.
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Tank Rentals

Tank Rentals Track the serial number of tanks that are leased to customers or tanks that are available for sale. Record tank details, such as size or regulators, and record service history.
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Integrated Accounting ToolsAccounting Module

Integrated AccountingThe integrated financial tools are the core to this powerful management system. Features include a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, a payroll system, financial reporting, extensive drill down and audit trail details, and more!
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