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SDC Integration
    SDC Parts Selector
  • Eagle Business Software has developed a seamless connection between EBMS and the manufacturer data of your choice through the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC). The SDC is providing tremendous value to its members as the only source of FREE complete Industry Standard Compliant data. All data is fully validated to ensure compliance with the Auto Care Association standards of ACES and PIES. With upwards of 800 supplier brands, chances are the SDC is able to provide you with the product information you need in your retail or distribution business.

    Developed for those businesses with complex inventory management needs, EBMS has proven a solid, software leader in the SEMA industry. The partnership with the SEMA Data Co-op complements the dedication Eagle Business Software has to innovating and focusing on the software needs of jobbers, speed shops, independent warehouses, and job shops.

    There is no better way for you to take advantage of the product information provided by the SDC than to experience it in your day-to-day work flow. The EBMS Point-of-Sale includes a Year, Make, Model Application Guide lookup based on the latest SDC data. Product information is continually being updated and relevant. A new year? A new model? No problem. As soon as the manufacturer provides the data, you have it. Automated pricing configurations allow you to customize your pricing so that at the counter you can search, find, and then sell without hassle, even if you have never seen the product before! Powerful inventory purchasing tools will guide you through purchasing the product if it is not in stock, all while maintaining accounting details that will make your accountant smile.

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    • As a SEMA Data Co-op Member you benefit from:

      • A Year, Make, Model Application Guide with access to all SDC approved data
      • Printable digital assets such as pictures, videos and installation instructions available at the Point-of-Sale
      • All the product information as provided by the manufacturer
      • The automated import of product into your inventory management system
      • The latest product information always at your fingertips

      View a list of available participating supplier brands.