Start Selling Online with the Ecommerce Module

6/30/2016 - 12:49:40 PM
Start Selling Online with the eCommerce Module

Whether it’s last minute Christmas shopping or everyday necessities, nearly everyone uses online shopping in some capacity. It’s become commonplace for customers to shop from their computer or mobile device, and to have their purchases shipped to their door. Your customers are already shopping online, so why not give them the option when buying your products?

The eCommerce module of EBMS allows retailers to become online retailers. The module works seamlessly with Sales and Inventory to provide you with an easy to use eCommerce system for your customers. There is an easy to navigate shopping cart and simple checkout process. Retailers also have the ability to add PayPal as an option in addition to credit cards. And when the customer has received the product, they can leave a review for others to see.

Product images, description, and review

Images can be added to each product, as well as any product attributes such as color, style, size, etc. so customers can easily select the details of the product they are buying. All of this information can be easily edited and managed in EBMS. The same list of products is used for Point-of-Sale and eCommerce, so you will only have to worry about one list to update. Entire groups of products can also be added quickly and easily.

Customers who shop on your website will be given the ability to create an account to use on your online store. These customer accounts can then be managed in EBMS. This feature is especially useful for wholesale retailers, because the prices can be kept hidden until a dealer logs into the website.

If you have an existing website, we can add the eCommerce capability, or we can design a whole new site for you. Learn more about the website design process here, and take a look at our online portfolio to see some eCommerce websites at work.

Contact our sales department to learn more about the eCommerce module and how it can help your business. Email or call 717-442-3247.

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