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EBMS makes it easy to close the old year, open the new year, and update tax and payroll information. There is no need for a January 1 crunch to get the old year completed. Opening 2020 by mid-December ensures a smooth transition into the new year! As new tax and end of year information is released, we will be providing it on this page.

EBMS Version 7.9 or newer is required for the updates. To verify your EBMS version go to Help > About EBMS. If your version reads 7.8 or older please contact as soon as possible.

- EBMS Support Team

We will post updates as they are available.
-3/02/2020 941 Form Available
-1/23/2019 W-2 Electronic Filing Available
- 12/23/2019 Payroll Tax Update Available
-12/9/2019 Tax Forms Available

941 Form

The 941 form for 2020 is now available to EBMS payroll users.

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Year End Checklist

Year End ChecklistUse this checklist to guide your transition into the 2020 New Year. This list is set up in the order we suggest that works best, however you may find that your company needs to follow a different order depending on your requirements and set up.

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Close Fiscal Year 2018 & Open Fiscal Year 2020

Close Fiscal YearThe fiscal year 2018 should be closed and the fiscal year 2020 should be opened in December of 2019.  This only applies if your business operates on a calendar year.
Close Payroll Year 2019 & Open Payroll Year 2020

Close Payroll YearUse the checklist below to guide your end of year payroll processes including processing bonus pay periods, opening year 2020, updating tax tables, and preparing W-2's.
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1099 Forms

1099 Forms

The Form 1099 is used to report various types of income other than wages, salaries, and tips (for which Form W-2 is used instead).

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W-2 Forms

1099 & 1096 FormsW-2 Forms can be printed for the past year after the payroll year is closed and payroll has been entered and processed within the new year.

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2020 Payroll & Tax Update

The 2020 Payroll and Tax Update is available for download as of 12/24/2019.

View the W-4 tax withholding changes that are included.

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Inventory Reconciliation

Use these guidelines to make sure your inventory is reconciled before the end of the year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQCheck these answers to common questions.

Contact EBMS Support if you have problems or questions with any of these processes.

NOTICE: This web page and its contents are subscription plan benefits and are only intended for your company. This includes the payroll tax updates and any other information downloaded from this website. Any other use is prohibited. All procedures and checklists are suggestions only and may not apply for your business.